I enjoy photography immensely.

The love the ability to use photography to capture a precious moment in time.  Sharing with others to bring a smile to their face brings me joy and happiness. I take many of my photos in nature.  MoorePark is one of my favorite places to find inspiration.  My fur babies have gotten used to being subjects of my photography obsession.

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Fur People – Mocha, Snipper, and Luke


MoorePark – God’s piece of heaven, located in Northern California

I have been blessed with an abundance of beauty in the form of my huge backyard, aka MoorePark.  I know that this blessing was given to me because I love nature and all that it intails.  I enjoy earthing and grounding and taking care of the beautiful results.  I LOVE roses and have approximately 35 rose bushes in MoorePark.  The varieties are as varied as the colors and the least I can do is use my love of photography to share photos of my plants with you.



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